In Loving Memory of
Roger Scott McIntire

I soar away into speed's breeze,
The engine's power between my knees.
The throttle trembles in my hand-
At my control, at my command!
In the droning rumble of the motor's sound
My problems, troubles and cares are drowned.
Now nothing keeps me from the sky,
And I can ride where eagles fly!
I dig my heels into the pegs,
Tune every muscle 'till my legs
Are synchronized with my machine,
To feel the curves, and with it lean.
To live the thrills of sudden hills,
The heart-quickening panic of would-be spills.
Don't call me back to earth again,
Where I must walk like other men.
September 8th, 1962  ~  November 20th, 2007 
Dedicated to Roger McIntire, and to all those who love him.
Copyright 2007 -Blue Horizons Technical Solutions, Inc.
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